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Common Quickbooks Errors and their Solutions 

QuickBooks Errors and Solutions- QuickBooks remains the software of choice for managing finances, as well as various other services. It is used extensively by businesses, companies and individuals. Of course, there are various features available on the software. It is used for generating bank statements, checking bank reconciliations, ensuring that the finances of the company are in order and so on.

QuickBooks Errors And Solutions:

QuickBooks Errors and Solutions- QuickBooks remains the software of choice for managing finances, as well as various other services. It is used extensively by businesses, companies and individuals. Of course, there are various features available on the software. It is used for generating bank statements, checking bank reconciliations, ensuring that the finances of the company are in order and so on.  

However, like any other common software, there are bound to be some errors which take place during usage. Glitches could occur in the usage of the software, due to programming errors. These are likely to affect the productivity of QuickBooks for the user. Other issues could also crop up, which are linked to the wrong usage by the client. In that case, they are advised to immediately contact QuickBooks customer support for the best assistance.  

Understanding QuickBooks Errors

QuickBooks Error Codes indicate the codes that are displayed in the form of error prompts, while the user is performing tasks on the QuickBooks applications. The error codes might occur persistently, until they have been comprehensively solved by the user. These can occur due to glitches, or due to mistakes in usage that have been made by the user. 

Common QuickBooks Errors

Data file and Connectivity

These errors arise when multiple users access QuickBooks over a network. Problems with network connections, firewalls, or router configurations can lead to issues in multi-user mode.

QuickBooks Error 12031

There are problems with the internet connection, or with the firewall program. It could happen due to the following causes: 

  • Network getting timed out which prevents QuickBooks from accessing the server.
  • Issues with the default browser. 
  • Updates to the software being blocked by the firewall. 

QuickBooks Error 12157

Firewall settings might block the connection of the computer with the QB files. This error occurs when the user is attempting to download QuickBooks , or install updates for the software.

Installation errors

These occur during the installation or update process of QuickBooks. They can result from incomplete installations, conflicting applications, or corrupted files. In case there has been an incomplete installation of the files for the QuickBooks software, these errors are bound to occur. Another cause could be that there has been accidental deletion of some of the files in the source, required for installation. One possible way of solving issues of this type could be to download the latest version of the QuickBooks update , or download version. 

QuickBooks Customer Support Number +1(855)416-0266 

Some of the types of errors that occur due to installation issues are as follows: 

QuickBooks Error 1618

This error is common during setup. The error prompt would contain a message that there are issues with installing the Microsoft Run-Time Library.

QuickBooks Error 1920 

The QuickBooks Database Server Manager Server is not able to start. The function of QBDMS is to scan the installed hard drives to locate company files relevant to QuickBooks. When it attempts to perform this task on a specific drive, there is a failure.

QuickBooks Error 1321

The installer cannot create a file which is required. This is either due to system errors, or lack of permission.

Company File Errors

These errors typically revolve around the company file, which is the heart of your QuickBooks data. Once you create a company file in the program, QuickBooks saves the file with a extension. This is the main repository of the company file. Common issues include damaged company files, incorrect file permissions, and file size-related problems.  

These issues can cause severe complications if not handled correctly. Consequently, it is advised to consult QuickBooks Enterprise Support , before the issues get compounded.

QuickBooks Error C=224 

The user has likely corrupted a company file in the process of trying to create a backup of data, or while opening a company file.

QuickBooks Error 6073

The user is not able to open any of the company files. The likely reason is that a different user would have opened the company files in question under single user mode, and there is not permission on the network folder, to read or edit the files.

Performance and Functionality Errors

QuickBooks Error 6150

This error is characterized by the computer getting crashed frequently or turning unresponsive. Alternatively , the performance might also become slow.  

The causes for this could be that there are virus infections on the computer, or the QuickBooks software has become damaged.

QuickBooks Payroll Errors

Some of the common payroll errors in QuickBooks would be related to the service server error. Otherwise, the user might get a prompt of connection error.  

The cause of this error could be one of the following:

  • Security certificate not being valid 
  • Payroll data being sent through multi-user mode. 
  • Internet connection issues or network time-out 

Some instances of common issues with QuickBooks payroll include:

QuickBooks Error 15276 – Updating Payroll

The problem occurs while making updates to the payroll. The file that is being updated is already in use and cannot be replaced. This is an easily solved problem. You need to restart the system and download the software again.

QuickBooks Error 15243

There may be issues with the business process that are causing unwarranted errors while making updates to payroll. The QuickBooks File Copy Service is damaged or unable to work properly. There are regular crashes in Windows, and inputs from the keyboard or the mouse are not reflected properly. 

In these cases, it is advised that the user solve the problem by contacting QuickBooks payroll support.

Synchronization Errors 

If you use QuickBooks with third-party applications or services that sync data, errors may occur during the synchronization process.

QuickBooks Error 5502

The synchronization has not been done properly on QuickBooks. The sync manager might not have been appropriately updated or third-party applications in connection with the QB software may be malfunctioning. 

Data Damage Errors

Data damage occurs when certain elements within the company file become corrupted. This can cause inconsistencies, missing information, or the inability to perform specific actions.

Banking Error

This is probably the error code that is likely to cause the most inconvenience. The issues could be various, ranging from QuickBooks not being able to recognize the bank, to the software being unable to establish a valid connection with the website of the bank at present.

QuickBooks Error 103 and 310 

Error 103 indicates that the sign in credentials of the user have been rejected by the banking website.  

Error 310 is shown when QuickBooks refuses to process the sign in request in order to prevent the bank from locking access to the account. 

How to handle Common QuickBooks Errors

There are some generic steps that you can take in the case of most of these errors. While specific solutions may have to be taken for certain errors, the following measures are recommended generally for the errors. Of course, there is always the option of consulting QuickBooks tech support

a. Verify and Rebuild Data: For data-related errors, QuickBooks provides built-in utilities called Verify and Rebuild Data. “Verify Data” identifies data integrity issues, and “Rebuild Data” attempts to resolve those issues. 

b. Use QuickBooks File Doctor: This tool, available from Intuit, is designed to diagnose and fix various QuickBooks-related errors. It can be helpful in addressing company file errors and network connectivity issues. 

c. Update QuickBooks: Ensuring you have the latest updates and patches can often resolve known issues and bugs. Regularly check for updates within QuickBooks to stay current. 

d. Check Third-Party Integrations: If you encounter sync errors, review the settings and configurations of third-party applications that connect with QuickBooks. Ensure they are up-to-date and compatible (Contact QuickBooks Customer Support Team). 

e. Review Event Logs: On Windows systems, check the Event Viewer for error messages related to QuickBooks. This can provide additional insights into the root cause of the problem. 

f. Disable Conflicting Applications: If certain applications or antivirus software are causing conflicts with QuickBooks, try temporarily disabling them to see if the error persists. 

Prevention of errors in the future

Following we have provided a list of measures that you can take to prevent these errors from cropping up in the future:   

a. Regular Backups: Back up your company file regularly. This is essential for safeguarding your data against unexpected errors or data corruption. 

b. Secure Network Configuration: Ensure your network is properly configured to avoid connectivity issues. Implement firewalls and security measures to protect against unauthorized access. 

c. User Training: Provide proper training to users who interact with QuickBooks. Knowledgeable users are less likely to make inadvertent mistakes that could lead to QuickBooks Errors

d. Limit User Access: Control user access and permissions to prevent unauthorized changes or deletions that could affect data integrity. 

e. Use Reputable Apps and Add-ons: If you use third-party applications or add-ons with QuickBooks, choose reputable options with good user reviews and track records of reliable performance.  (More: information)


In this article, we have discussed the various errors which can take place in your QuickBooks account. In case you are using QuickBooks for business purposes, these errors can hamper your productivity. Consequently, it is advised that you take the requisite measures in time, in order to ensure optimum efficiency for your business. The best way to do so would be to contact QuickBooks customer support

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