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How can you delete your QuickBooks account?

There can be different situations in which a manager may decide to delete QuickBooks account. For instance, they may halt the operations of their company. Or they may decide to move their financial and accounting services to another software. In such situations, it will be necessary for them to have the proper knowledge as to how to delete QuickBooks account.

QuickBooks provides you with methods to remove accounts from the Customer file. Of course, there are a few different alternatives to how you can remove the account. You can do so by merging it with another account, hiding the account, or deleting it completely. In this article, we shall discuss the process to delete QuickBooks account.

Measures to be taken before you delete QuickBooks account

Before beginning the process of deleting the QuickBooks account, you need to take a few measures to ensure that no issues are created:

Backup of the data:

Before you go ahead with the deleting of the account, you need to back up all the data. There is likely a lot of important financial data that the user cannot afford to lose. The information may be required for recordkeeping purposes, or for calculating the tax, or other business requirements.

Go to the Reports section, and create reports pertaining to all the concerning financial records. You need to first save these reports to the local device, or to the preferred location of cloud storage. The files can be exported in formats ranging from Excel to Pdf. QuickBooks provides several export options, allowing you to save your data in formats like CSV etc.

Cancel the subscriptions:

In case you have a subscription to QuickBooks, you need to cancel it before you delete QuickBooks account. In case you do not unsubscribe, you may continue to be charged even after you delete QuickBooks account. For instance, during their use of QuickBooks, the client may have subscribed to payroll services, or those of advanced reporting. They may also have subscribed to third party offers.

Outstanding Balances:

The client should go through all their financial records to ensure that everything is up to date and accurate. They need to reconcile all the bank accounts, review outstanding invoices, and make sure all transactions are accounted for. This is required in order to avoid any discrepancies in the records

after they go ahead with the process to delete QuickBooks account. Clearing the outstanding balances, invoices and bills will ensure that there are no pending financial transactions associated with the account.
Export the reports

The client may generate and export the necessary financial reports that might be necessary from the point of view of record keeping or auditing purposes. These would likely include the profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Step-by-step guide

To delete QuickBooks account permanently involves quite a few steps. Following are the main steps for the same:

Delete the company data

Log in to the QuickBooks website using your credentials. Once you have logged in, navigate to the gear icon at the top right corner, and select “Account and Settings”.

In the left sidebar, the user needs to press on “Billing and subscription”. In the billing section, locate the “Cancel” option. The user needs to duly follow all the prompts in order to cancel the subscription.

After cancelling the subscription, a prompt shall appear asking the user if they want to delete their company. The user needs to press on “Delete Company” to proceed. QuickBooks shall give a warning about the data that shall be deleted. The user needs to clear about the implications of this.

Then, the user will be prompted to enter their QuickBooks password to confirm their identity. Once they have entered the password, they need to press on the button which will cause the permanent deletion of the company.

Verify deletion

Open the email inbox associated with the QuickBooks account. In the email, there should now be an email from the QuickBooks mailing system. In the subject line, it would be referencing the request for deletion of the company. The user has to click on the verification link which has thus been provided. This will seal the confirmation of the request to delete.

Confirm deletion

After clicking the verification link, the user shall be redirected to a confirmation page. Follow any further instructions as they appear on the screen.

Review Billing

The user should check the billing statements to ensure that they are no longer being charged for QuickBooks services.

What is the meaning of making your QuickBooks account inactive?

There can be some confusion in the minds of users when it comes to making accounts inactive. While the two are considered to be the same, this is not exactly the case. QuickBooks would consider an account deleted in case you make it inactive, however, this would not achieve the ends the user is looking for.

This is because all the personal information associated with the account will not be removed once the account is made inactive. Even though the account is made inactive, the data is still there. Consequently, it can be retrieved, and would be prone to security breaches.


1. Will deleting my QuickBooks account remove everything related to it?

Not all your QuickBooks accounts will be removed on the deletion request. This is because some of them were created by QuickBooks automatically. These include the sales tax account, undeposited funds, retained earnings, as well as opening balance equity.

Some of them would require a few extra steps before they do get deleted.

2. Can I delete several accounts in QuickBooks?

Yes, this is doable. For this, the user needs to go to the Lists menu and select the Chart of Accounts. They need to then press on the Accounts that they wish to delete from the left hand column. Once they press the delete option, the accounts shall be removed.


When you decide to delete QuickBooks account, it can be a simple process. You need to mainly follow the steps as outlined in this blog. However, before you exit the system altogether, it is necessary to set your affairs in order. This is because once the account is deleted, all the data related to that account will be lost. The data associated with that account will not be recovered. In this article, we have duly covered all the steps to delete QuickBooks account, and some of the other considerations that would go along with it.


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